Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Safecracker playfield supports

Hacked something together today.. support brackets for the playfield of my SafeCracker pinball machine.

On almost every machine of this type the playfield is bent - this is because there are some very heavy assemblies mounted to it (the drop target banks), and also because the supports on the sides do not run over the whole length, on each side they stop to make place for a rubber ring.

I had read about this in the past on RGP, someone has even made custom support brackets. But these are quite expensive ($150 or so) for just two pieces of metal..
so this afternoon I was thinking if I could make something myself.

Here you see the playfield is not perfect flat anymore. It's not too much, I've seen pictures of peoples machines that are warped much more.

Searched a bit in my basement and found unused aluminum pieces from an Ikea Kvartal curtain set.
About an hour of work to measure everything, drill holes, cut away pieces, and I've installed a piece of metal on both sides of the playfield.

It may not look like the most professional solution, but it should keep the playfield from warping more in the future..

btw one of these is is 365 photo 18 :)

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