Monday, February 4, 2008

new Tommy blinders repro board developed !

Good news for owners of a Data East Tommy pinball machine !

I can already announce that someone has developed a repro pcb board that drives the blinders. A lot of Tommy owners have problems with this board, and the game is just only half the fun if you cannot play it with the blinders closed.

A good friend of us has developed this repro pcb (it's a total new design using smd components), this weekend we have tested his prototype in our own Tommy (he was just in time as our game is sold and picked up later this week).
It worked perfect, like the original board it has 2 adjustment pots to set how far the blinders open/close, it worked fine in the self-tests of the game, ..

Anyway the prototype is ready, production will start soon (is a matter of days/weeks), so very soon it'll become available ! Watch this space (or other forums) as I'm sure there will be enough public announcements for it..

UPDATE 2011: as I got some emails about these. It seems they are not available anymore. The person who designed them does not work at that company anymore, and the company that produced them seems not to reply to emails or isn't interested in selling pinball parts anymore.