Friday, September 28, 2012

Cactus Canyon rules

Here's a quick update on the rules I'm programming with FreeWPC for Cactus Canyon.
I had some delays so didn't progress as fast as I did the first weeks. Good thing is I got some small bugs out of the code I wrote earlier.

Installed two different CC tables in visual pinball so I can test with both. Most things look good, timed modes start when they need to start, ..  the framework is looking good, still a few issues to resolve.

Finally I have an idea how gunfights will be started and am busy implementing this.

Spent some time fine-tuning existing modes and making them more challenging. Multiballs like Stampede now have jackpots that increase in value. Good players that can keep a mode running for a while will score much more than someone who can start a mode and make only a handful of jackpots.

Added a new goal to reach before you start gold mine multiball.
Made the framework for a videomode, but have not tested yet if this compiles and runs. If it does then I have ideas to add even more than one videomode..

Did some research about old western movies to get inspiration for additional modes / dmd graphics.
Have some ideas floating around in my mind, now have to let them sink for a while and see what I can come up with. My plan is to integrate some of these ideas into a nice wizard mode.. western movies are great.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Belgian OPEN pinball competition

Great news for competition pinball players !
After many years there's again an OPEN belgian competition.
The past years there was a belgian pinball championship but it was limited to belgian players only.

Now there's a new competition that's open for everyone.
It's on November 3 and 4, more info here: