Wednesday, July 18, 2007

crappy pinball machines

New article posted about crappy pinball machines.

In the past decade some pinball machines were released that are really crappy. Literally. One starts to think if some pinball designers are sick and obsessed, or they knew the game is going to stink and want to make it obvious for everyone..

Why else would so many pins include toilets or sewers ?
Pinball is supposed to be fun..


Thursday, July 12, 2007

jukebox pictures online

I put almost every picture I have about jukeboxes online at

As I have room enough at that domain name and want to put more things online then pinball machines, I made a quick index. Looks like I have more pictures than I thought I did.. For some brands there are rare jukeboxes that are hardly documented on other websites with jukebox overviews.

In September and October there are some jukebox shows, then I'll make more pictures of jukeboxes. If enough visitors are interested in jukebox photographs, I may put it on a seperate website and put a database behind it so people can upload their pictures.. trying to get pictures of every jukebox ever made ?

Addams Family Gold article

Put a new article online, about the differences between Addams Family and TAF Gold pinball machines.

Many people only think the gold trim on the cabinet is different. If you inspect the pinball machines closely you'll notice more details are changed.

Hopefully this will help some people to check if a TAFG they want to buy is genuine.

Nothing more to mention.. been busy with non-pinball related things..