Thursday, August 30, 2007

new in crate bowling machines found

New article online about a new warehouse found, new in crate bowling machines.

As I posted a few months go, I had a lead on some machines.. finally had time to arrange a meeting. There was nothing interesting of jukeboxes, almost nothing interesting of pinball machines (a friend of mine bought some projects there), but I did buy a few wallgames. One is already restored, in a few days I'll put info about that type of machine online.

What I did find (but they're not for sale) in the warehouse were three still new in the crate bowling arcade machines. Incredible, these machines are 30 to 40 years old, and have never been unpacked and played..

Stonecarpet floor in the gameroom

Visitors of our gameroom often have very positive reactions on our stonecarpet floor.

Stonecarpet is still a relative new type of floor material that you don't see often, although more and more people install it in their (new) houses.
As I explain on the site it was an good solution for us. Because the gameroom is in the back of the garden we had some types of flooring (laminate wood, tiles, carpet) that were not an option..

We wanted something special, and not the default black and white vinyl floor like a lot of gamerooms have.

I designed the whole pattern in the floor, in the beginning it was a real playfield drawn (complete with playfield artwork) but each time it became more and more simplified. Last-minute I even left out some parts as they would be too close to others.

It's quite easy to make your own designs with stonecarpet. You can use the metal frames that you can cut and bend into shapes and glue to the floor. These will remain visible when the stonecarpet floor is put into place. Other shapes like the bumper caps and round circles (light inserts) are cut out of foam, that was removed later.

The only thing you have to take care of, is that with the foam, they can't install adjacent pieces on the same day. As the company that installed it planned to do it in 2 days, we very carefully had to check what color in the bumper caps they would do on the first day, so they could finish everything the second day. That was about the only limit we had choosing different colors and shapes.
When the different colors are seperated with a metal frame, this is not an issue.

If you are thinking about installing a stonecarpet floor and have questions you may always contact me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New site online

The new site is online ! is redesigned !

After a lot of evenings/nights work finally all pages are converted to the new page layout.
I hope you all like it. It should be a bit more easy to read and navigate..
and the new site layout allows me also to add new things and quickly change things.
Some minor layout changes may still happen in the next weeks/months..

So if you like or don't like the new layout, let me know..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

a clean gameroom

Back from holidays :) And I finally had time to clean the gameroom.
Since the beginning of this year it was used as storage room, I hardly had space to play pinball :(

but now I finally had time to organise everything around the house and clean out the gameroom. Everything that shouldn't be there is out. Only thing left is to do is to clean up and organize all the spare parts boxes and put some of it for sale. I have too many parts of parted games that I keep and will probably never use..

I also started working on (another) redesign for the website. As always I have big plans with it, just need time to finish them :)