Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to repaint a fridge

Another article added to the website yesterday, how to paint a fridge.

A few months ago we bought an old fridge. Cosmetically it wasn't very well, so we repainted it, put some custom-made decals on it, so it now really fits well in the pinball gameroom and has a nice retro look..

Rally-Test mechanical skill game

New game review posted: Rally-Test skillgame

I bought and restored this already last summer. It's fun to play, a vintage mechanical skillgame, made in Italy in the 1970ies. Drop a coin in it, try to get it through the bottom of the track so you can win it back.. and try not let it roll away at the side of the playfield. Very addictive and difficult to play !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RFM third saucer mod

And another new article posted.. this time a modification for Revenge From Mars: add a third saucer with flasher and leds to back of the playfield.

I had some articles submitted by people, just didn't have time the last weeks to translate them all.. so the next days/weeks I'll do some updates to the site, it's been too long..

Monday, March 10, 2008

PInball Suicide Bunny !

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to meet Andy Riley.
Who's Andy Riley you'll ask ?? Well he's the author of the suicide bunnies cartoons.

Of course I had to ask him if he wanted to make a pinball related cartoon for me..
Click here to see the suicide bunny cartoon.