Thursday, January 15, 2009

MM shop and rivets

Happy new year everyone.. been a while I've posted here.

Worked a bit further on my Black Hole, main playfield is now also completely clean and waxed. Almost time to search all the parts and start assembling it together.

But that has to wait (again) as for the moment I'm assembling a Medieval Madness machine. A friend bought one, but didn't have room at his place yet and had no experience at all at shopping a pinball machine.
So to help him out we brought the game into my gameroom and he came in the evenings to disassemble and clean the playfield. I gave some information on how to do it, what to watch for, .. while I worked on my own games (finally installed a Cliffy protector in my AFM !)

So the playfield was empty, cleaned, and this friend didn't have time anymore to work on it as he'll be moving into his appartment next week so the game has to be ready by monday.. sigh.. so it's up to me to assemble the playfield back together.
Not a funny job as temperatures in my unheated gameroom are only just above freezing..

It went quite well I have to say.. it did take me about an hour to first search all the parts together and have an idea where he put everything and in what order the last parts were removed :) Tip: if you shop a MM, measure the large black hexagon posts you remove.. seems there are a lot that are very similar in length but not exactly the same.. dno't just put them all together without noting which one went where..
Took me another half hour just to replace the bridge (you don't want to see the welding job done on the bridge that was installed in the machine).
Now I'm over halfway in assembling everything.

This Medieval Madness also gets a new plastic set. First time I had to remove rivets and put new ones in (was necessary to switch a flasher socket onto a new plastic).
Went quite smooth, was less difficult than I had thought.