Tuesday, March 27, 2007

still working on a new article

Hi world,

I've posted to rec.games.pinball and other forums asking for information about pinball companies For a month now I'm working on a new article for my site and it's going to be very interesting.
But it's still not finished, you'll have to wait a little while.. it just became bigger and bigger, it started with a small topic and the more I got to know about the subject, the more I started to dig in pinball history and the article just included more and more information.
Last friday evening I skyped with someone who was involved with the development of Diamondplate playfield clearcoat. Got some very interesting details !
And while I was talking to him, he got a phone call from Mark Sprenger. Art Director for Williams in the past, he did a lot of artwork for pinball machines like Diner, High Speed, Dracula, Space Shuttle, Banzai Run and many more ! He was even on speakerphone so I could ask him some questions, how cool was that !! (I found it pretty cool - for a guy from a small country that Belgium is to be able to talk to someone involved in pinball design - I'm not able to go to Pinball Expo and meet the designers so this was great)