Thursday, May 24, 2007

Haunted House backglasses available

More reproduction news, today was posted on RGP that Haunted House repro backglasses are available.
Licensed reproductions, perfect quality, exact like the originals were.

More info at the site of classicplayfields

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New article - DVD ready - BBB delivered

Added a new article yesterday, check the funhouse prototype guide.

It explains the differences on Funhouse pinball machines that were done during the production run, how to recognise a real proto and sample game from a regular production game.

DVD 3 is also ready ! It's of the Collector Fantasies show and the belgian pinball championship.
See site for details and to order.

News: the american Big Bang Bars are ready !
Last year 12 were already delivered to Europe, to be delivered befor ROHS laws became active.
Now the rest of the rerun is finished.
Here is the page of a dutch owner who just received his new BBB earlier this week. He didn't order one 2 years ago (and thus wasn't by the inital 12 european BBBs) but was able to buy a 'left over' one from Gene because someone cancelled his order.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spiderman pinball machine

The new Spiderman pinball machine by Stern is out on test.
Pictures can be found on sites like

With the newest Spiderman film now released and breaking box office records, this looks like a very good license for Stern ! Let's hope the machine goes out of testing phase and is actually released and put on location by operators very soon.
The pinball machines is based on all 3 Spiderman movies btw, and not on the original comic book series (the Gottlieb Spiderman pinball machine made in the early 1980ies is).

I'm looking forward to seeing this on location..
(I still haven't played Stern previous pinball machine, Family Guy)

DVD almost ready ?

I finished editing the dvd yesterday evening and let it render an image in the night.
Will burn a first dvd tonight and watch it on my tv to see if anything has to be changed (probably..).

I cut a few minutes of footage of the semi and final of the belgian pinball championship, when players had one ball in play for several minutes.. but other than that the complete game of almost every player is shown so you can see the progress of the semi finals, how much a player has scored at the end of each ball, so it'll be as thrilling to see on tv as it was in real life.

The last part on the dvd is an explenation about old restored Bally bingo machines from the 1950ies and 1960ies. The problem with the whole dvd is that sound quality is quite bad - my video camera only has an internal microphone and picks up a lot of background noise.. of which there is plenty at a pinball and jukebox show :-(

I even thought about leaving the interviews off, but as I had taped them and they could be interesting to some people I left them on.. people that don't like them must just fastforward to the next part.. I did cut some parts where you almost couldn't understand anything at all that was being said.. interviewing someone in the center of the show hall while there are jukeboxes playing loudly at the booths around us wasn't the best idea I had.
That's also the reason why I don't intend to film any other shows, the sound quality of my camera is just too bad for that (and I filmed all the most important shows now).

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rosmalen jukebox open air show

Not a lot to post.. been very busy with a lot of non-pinball things the last days.

Visited the Rosmalen Open Air jukeboxshow last sunday. It was great ! Very good weather, really lovely to walk around. Not a lot of pinball machines to see but there were some nice collectibles.
Pictures will be online on my site later this week.

I also worked a few hours on my new dvd about the Belgian Pinball Championship that was held in January. I'm half way now, the show tour is ready, interview with Henk de Jager, and the quarter final of the championship.
I hadn't worked on the dvd for almost 2 months. My goal is to finish it by the end of next week.
I will only make a 'european' version, not converted into NTSC format, not subtitled in english.. my other 2 dvds just don't sell enough for that. And now I have a long interview with Henk de Jager who explains the details about his custom pinball machines and an interview with someone who restores old Bally bingo machines.. it's just too much work to subtitle it all.