Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New article - DVD ready - BBB delivered

Added a new article yesterday, check the funhouse prototype guide.

It explains the differences on Funhouse pinball machines that were done during the production run, how to recognise a real proto and sample game from a regular production game.

DVD 3 is also ready ! It's of the Collector Fantasies show and the belgian pinball championship.
See site for details and to order.

News: the american Big Bang Bars are ready !
Last year 12 were already delivered to Europe, to be delivered befor ROHS laws became active.
Now the rest of the rerun is finished.
Here is the page of a dutch owner who just received his new BBB earlier this week. He didn't order one 2 years ago (and thus wasn't by the inital 12 european BBBs) but was able to buy a 'left over' one from Gene because someone cancelled his order.