Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pinball photography

Been busy the past evenings taking photographs of my pinball machines.

I bought a serious camera last year with the intention to make nice pictures for my website. Started to learn more about photography, and learn, and learn, and learn, .. and before I knew it I was more interested and invested more time in photography than in my pinball machines.

I always tried new things, but my goal - to make nice pictures of all my games and to upgrade my website with lots of cool, large photos, didn't happen..

I did start to work on a new article for my website about photography.. been thinking about it a long time, started some things in draft a few months ago, but now I'm serious working on it (which means I put a lot of hours every evening into it, writing things, testing it, taking photos until I know what I write is correct and I know what works and what doesn't work when taking pictures, and actually trying to take all the pictures required for the article.

Since a short while I'm also experimenting with 2 strobes, offcamera (yes, full strobist style of shooting) which also is a learning curve.. but it's fun. Only now I start to appreciate the potential of my camera :-)

I guess in about a week or 2 the article will go online.. watch this space :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from vacation, AFM sound upgrade

Back from vacation.. loved it !
Haven't seen a pinball machine on location.. although in the north of Italy there should be a few at campings, but we were in a fancy hotel in a large town that mostly had an older population.. still had a good time, we had very good weather (the belgian summer has been rainy and cold :(

Haven't worked more on the pinball machines except that I upgraded the speakers in Attack from Mars too.

Here's a picture of the subwoofer in my Twilight Zone..

I did start on a new article about pinball machine photography but as it'll be a very big article, that may still take a while until it gets published on the site.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Medieval Madness sound upgrade finished

Had time to work on my Medieval Madness sound upgrade yesterday evening.

First tested with the new tweeter that had some distortion.. put in the 6.8mfd and 4.7mfd capacitors instead of the default 10mfd, but it didn't make any noticeable difference, the speaker still distorted :(
Even tried adding some resistors. But only when I added 3 resistors of 5ohm it didn't distort anymore, but you hardly heard anything from the tweeter..
So I soldered back in the original tweeter.

Then I tested with a pot on R17, to bring out the bass and get more sound out of the cabinet subwoofer. That really made a nice difference, and I noticed the backbox speakers also lost some of the high notes.
So I put in back the improved tweeter and this time it didn't distort anymore.
Excellent ! Tested a bit and around 8k7 ohm it gives the best setting for my MM with new car speakers..

The cabinet subwoofer still isn't very loud, it doesn't give out a real hard beat you would expect from a car subwoofer.. but it's ok for me. To get a good bass I probably need to add an amplifier, cut out the hole, and remove my spare parts boxes from underneath the game..
but now you hear the game has some added bass compared to the default setup, and you definitely feel it, the cabinet vibrates slightly from the bass.. it's nice :)