Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 6 black cat

black cat

One of our two black cats. Asleep in the sofa.
They're sisters, the one I really wanted to take a picture off almost looks the same (she's just a very little bit skinnier but you won't notice it in the picture) but she was out in the garden when I had my camera in my hands.
She's not deep asleep, just had opened one eye to look at me.

Why is this the picture of the day ?
Because it's 6am and her sister already kept me awake for 2 hours.
Comes in our bedroom, goes around the bed, jumps on the bed at my wifes side, walks over our heads and lays next to me (and gets thrown off so settles for the nightstand where she's purring and keeping me awake). Repeat this a few times.
I love my cats (we have these for 12 years now) but I need my sleep.

Things to improve: Photo is just a snapshot using builtin flash. I should have taken my strobe and aimed it at the ceiling to have some nice soft overhead light which will bring out here shape better and show her better against the black sofa.
But the strobe is upstairs, it's 6am and I'm already awake for 2 hours - I can't be bothered.

Although it's just a snapshot - I did learn a valueable lesseon from it.
The first picture I took of her was too dark. Checked the settings and the camera was still set to underexpose a full stop ! It was still like that from shooting the solar eclipse.
This reminded me that the first pictures I took at the chinese restaurant had weird colors because the whitebalance was wrong. Luckily I noticed it after the first pictures I took.
My sister in law (who's a professional photographer) had lent me her Expodisk earlier that day, and in my kitchen I had tested with it. When I arrived at the restaurant in the evening the camera still had the custom whitebalance for my kitchen set :(
2 mistakes in 1 week because of wrong settings ?!
Now I learned to remember what I change in settings and re-set everything at the end of a photoshoot before I put the camera away, and to review these settings before I start taking pictures.. instead of just taking the camera and start shooting, thinking everything is still set like it usually is..


  1. Good start! Thanks for your comment on mine. Good luck with it.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you're attempting Project 365 too! Good luck!

  3. Hi there! Got your comment and added you site to my *small* list of P365 blogs so thanks! Good luck! Looks like you are off to a good start!!!