Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 - 5 lobster buffet

lobster buffet

Last picture from the buffet, I promise :-)

Lobster dish.. shot with strobe offcamera left in combination with on-camera flash to provide fill light.
Needed the hard light from the left side to give everything some definition, especially the lettuce.
Food with red colors isn't easy to shoot and make look appetizing..
With flat overhead light this dish looks like it had been thrown up by someone. While this overview shot won't get me published in a food magazine, with the harder light and bright colors at least it looks more appetizing..

The dish wasn't meant for the people that were in the restaurant at the time I was taking pictures (was for the group that came later that evening), the chef brought it, put it on the counter and was standing next to it waiting to take it back into the kitchen, I had like 20 seconds to take pictures of it..

I thought about other compositions (closeup detail) but didn't quickly come up with something useful.. with the lobster head and tail separated an overview picture looked best for me to do with so little time. At least now you see: there was lobster on the menu! and that's the most important goal of this picture (when ie used on their website).
A 3/4 angle closeup picture may be better artsy food photography, but then you'd only see a fuzzy border of green lettuce and the white middle part, you probably wouldn't immediately know it was lobster.. and I really didn't want to make a closeup picture of a lobster head or tail as it's food photography and not biology.. people have to be hungry after seeing the pictures and want to come taste the food.

Now I think about it, with the green/white/red colors in it I could've made this look like an italian flag :)

Things to improve: composition: remove other dishes so this is by itself.
More dof - lobster tails in front are not totally sharp.

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