Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 9 air rifle pellets

RWS Meisterkugln

Finally used the mini-studio I have for a year now.
It's a cube consisting of three translucent white sides, in which you can put a white or blue fabric.
Used two strobes to light it, one left and right, right a bit less to give some shadow.
Next time I'll get my tripod and try to use just one strobe from the top, probably that should work too.

Lighting is good for a small detailed shot with small dof like this.
Especially because the metal box is reflective, you can't have a hard lightsource.

On other shots where the whole object is sharp, the lighting is too flat for my taste.. I also made photos of a blue plastic box with pellets, it just doesn't look as good as this metal box.

Subject are air rifle pellets in the metal box they come in, with on the left a plastic clip that you can slide over so the box doesn't accidentaly opens..

Made different shots, I like this best with very low viewpoint and shallow dof.

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  1. That is a great idea! I was excited that my daughters desk in my office just might be the perfect place to do close ups like this too. Great shot!