Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 10 bounce cards

bounce cards

Made a pair of bounce cards.. white boards. They're made of something which in dutch is called maquettepapier, which roughly translates into 'model paper'. Not because fashion models like it but because it's supposedly used to make scale models..

Anyway it's sort of 2 thin plastic sheets with foam between them. Don't know how it's called in english.
They're nice white, a bit reflective, and sturdy enough to stand up and open/close as needed.

Why do I need them ? Well if you have one light source (ie a window or a strobe) you put these on the opposite side of the object you want to photograph and the light is reflected, aka giving you an instant fill-light.

Maybe I'll cover one side with black paper so I can use it to prevent reflections too.. will see when I use them.

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