Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 jan 1 - cake


Picture I made on dec 31, at the chinese restaurant where my wife works.
She asked me to go their as they need new pictures for the website and the buffet for the New Years celebrations were impressive.

Took a lot of pictures, but had to work quickly as people were arriving (and were starting to eat, taking away food from the buffet I wanted to take pictures from).

Had my strobe with me, quickly tried different combinations.. had an idea about what I wanted to achieve but took different types of pictures, to see later what was good and what not.

(ie took this picture from different viewpoints, with and without flash, flash aimed at different angles, ..).

This one was the best. Food photography isn't easy (but I love it ! - and I have the feeling I will be doing it much more as my wife recently started a dutch blog about food).
The food needs to look tasty - usually this means lots of light, food has to be bright and show highlighs. Usually it's best to have light coming from behind.
Shoot it the internal flash of your camera (or above camera) and it all looks flat and disgusting. Some shadows and highlights are needed.
You also need to show texture, so your position and the light is very important.
Usually you want to have a small dof (depth of field) to concentrate attention on a specific piece.
Of the whole series I took of this plate, this picture looked best in my opinion..

Points for improvement:
- crumbs at bottom left are something I should have noticed and removed, they have no place in professional food photography

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