Monday, April 25, 2011

stuck pinball

Got a friend over last week, he was playing on Cactus Canyon.
Suddenly the pinball got stuck, in quite an original place.
The pinball bounced off the Bart hat and got stuck behind the flasher on top of the lost mine. We had to remove the glass to remove it.
Luckily the lost mine plastic wasn't installed because it may not have survived this..

Yesterday I had a similar experience. My new boulder plastic was installed. The pinball rolled over one of the droptargets, just as it went up. The pinball was catapulted into the air and slammed hard into the mountain plastic. Luckily it survived well :-)


  1. I just got my machine and occasionally the ball gets stuck just behind the mine shaft. So, in relation to your picture if you pushed the pin ball to the right and then a bit up, it would fall into that small inert corner just behnd the plastic mine shaft. Does this happen with anyone else?

  2. Haven't had this happen on my machine.
    How does it get there ? If from the popbumpers then you may have a rubber ring missing/worn so the pinball gets under it ?
    If from the right/front then maybe the front edge of your ramp is broken, leaving a gap for the ball to pass ? Don't remember if there's a metal piece or post to block it.. there's a certainly a post at the entrance of the ramp.