Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AFM lights fixed

Follow up on my almost-never-ending AFM cpu problem.
Last year and the year before I've already posted about it here, the game sometimes didn't boot anymore, especially when touching the cpu board or its connectors.

Now the game suddenly developed another problem: no more lights on the playfield worked.
No GI, but also no controlled lights.
That's very weird as they're two separate circuits. So it's not just one fuse..

First did the regular stuff: measured fuses, checked the led, testpoint voltage, ..
on the powerboard everything was fine.
So the problem was not that there wasn't any power, it was that the instructions to turn the lamps on did not arrive on the powerboard.

With the problems I had last year with this cpu board I had suspected the ASIC ic. But then I couldn't continue problem solving the issue as I didn't have the correct ic puller. Now I have one, I have ordered it a while ago.

Pullde out the asic (very carefully). Put it back in, with enough pressure so it clicks in place. Turn the game on. And we have lights ! Pushed a bit on the cpu board and it doesn't reset anymore, so that problem is solved too.

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  1. From an eye-witness point of view I can state that they be working flawlessly now.

    I should be worried about your green martian targets with the current flipper coils tho ;)