Sunday, April 17, 2011

Always Coca-cola

This is one for the most original pinball repairs list.

Repaired a Dirty Harry in the rec room of a restaurant.
Didn't have many details, also was told that the ball sometimes got stuck.
Play-tested a bit and indeed sometimes it got stuck between two ramps.

Didn't see something obvious wrong with the ramps, they were still screwed in place, nothing loose.. so I was looking for something to fix the ball hanging.
Needed something to put in between them and add some spacing.. looked around, didn't find anything useful, except for one empty Coca Cola bottle.

Took the cap, cut it in half, and stuck it tight between the ramps.
You can see it in the picture - left of the house there's a metal post supporting the top ramp. The red cap is next to it, pushing the bottom ramp a bit down.

Now the pinball doesn't get stuck anymore. After taking this picture I put some grey tape over it to cover and keep it in place.

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