Thursday, April 28, 2011

new articles online

Here's an overview of articles I put online the past weeks:

Use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean plastic and metal parts. I bought an ultrasonic cleaner a while ago. Now finally used it to shop a pinball machine and I'm amazed how clean parts come out! This is by far the best tool to buy (it's more useful than a tumbler) when you're cleaning pinball parts. Almost every part comes out sparkling, shining and looking brand new!

Golden Years show in Wieze
It had been a few years since we had visited this show. As it's in 2011 the only show in Belgium we visited again.

Add a real knocker coil to Cactus Canyon. To save costs, CC doesn't have a real knocker installed but the knocker sound is played through the speakers. It's easy to wire up a real coil.

Update to the hidden artwork on playfields.

What to do when you get the Factory Settings Restored error message on your pinball machine.

Repair damage caused by leaked batteries.

How to level a pinball machine and adjust the playfield angle.

More information and history of the Capcom Big Bang Bar pinball machine and its reproduction.

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