Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spooky ready for transport

I'm not a pinball dealer. We don't have games for sale. We just want to help people.
And the problem is we always say yes if someone asks us something.
So when we were contacted about a month ago by someone from the USA if we could help to arrange some shipping for someone who bought a game in the Netherlands, we said yes. How hard could it be ?
Find a shipping company that picks up the game and ships it to the usa, easy, no ?

Well, not really. The seller didn't really want to cooperate (just open his door and let someone pickup a game, but no palletting or anything).
So in the end we drive ourselves to the Netherlands to pick up the game.

But then it's for 2 weeks in our living room (no space to store it somewhere else) until it's driving Nikky nuts. Contacted a lot of shipping companies, almost no-one wants to do it. Most even don't bother to reply us. Finally we found someone who will do it. Not cheap but there aren't alternatives. The buyer in the usa gave the order to the company, now we have to prepare it for pickup later this week.
Problem is we don't have a garage at our house, so we had to bring the game to someone elses house where it can be picked up.

It needed to be set up on a pallette. Problem is, a regular euro-pallet won't do for shipping to the usa, the wood has to be fumigated (like for shipping to Australia). Another problem we didn't know about. So last thursday we ordered a plastic pallet.

This arrived in time, and today we've wrapped the game onto the pallet. A lot of cardboard, about a mile of plastic straps, and finally coccooned the game in plastic wrap. Took us about 2 hours. Now it's ready for transport, byebye Spooky !

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