Monday, October 11, 2010

Next Stern game is Mortal Kombat ?

Was just checking out the Stern page at wikipedia and there someone has just added 2 days ago that their next game will be Mortal Kombat ?!

Haven't heard any confirmation about this, i'm curious if this will be true..
MK was rumored but so is Tron as a theme.. but if it's on wikipedia it shouldn't be just a rumor ?


  1. I treat that as a practical joke until Stern confirms otherwise. If you want you can edit the Wikipedia page to say the next pin is Epic Mickey.

    In fact I have just edited the entry requesting proof. (I labeled it as [citation needed].) I have done a lot of searches over the last hour and there is ZERO discussion -- on Stern's website/facebook page, RGP, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter -- of a Mortal Kombat pinball machine outside of the unsubstantiated mention on Wikipedia, and 2 random forum posts where fans suggest they would like a MK pin.

  2. I saw Wiki too and got excited but tend to now agree with Brian - you'd think Wiki would be more careful though? Look forward to response to edit, if any!

  3. Every picture that Stern posts on their Facebook profile is rumored and by some immediately seen as "ooh, the next title is going to be...".

    Personally I feel that Stern knows this and is pulling our leg, and also keeping the rumors going which falls into the 'any publicity is good publicity' factor.