Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have an ultrasonic cleaner

When we visited Henk de Jager to drop off our Gottlieb Majorettes pinball machine (see post here a few weeks ago), we talked about cleaning and restoring pniball machines and exchanged some tips.
I had cleaned the playfield and tumbled all metal playfield posts and screws so they were clean and shiny. Henk and Ramon showed me a similar Gottlieb woodrail they were restoring (which is going to be for sale at the next Rosmalen jukebox show btw).
They had also cleaned the playfield posts on their game but did not use a tumbler.

Instead they showed me their ultrasonic cleaner and explained me a bit more about how it worked. I've heard about these machines before (I know some collectors who already use them for a few years) but never had a detailed look at how they worked and how the results were.

Well I was convinced by the results !
They bought theirs at Conrad, where they have a few different models for sale.

Nikky must have seen me look too interested at their ultrasonic cleaner, so imagine my surprise when a few days ago the postman brought me a large box !
She had done some research and bought me this ultrasonic cleaner.

An early present for our wedding anniversary that's coming up in a few days !
Thank you honey !!

Haven't been able to test the machine a lot, but once I have some more results I'll make an article about it..

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