Monday, July 11, 2011

TAF nailpolish

This is something I noticed a few years ago when I had a NOS Thing hand for sale from The Addams Family pinball machine, but only recently was able to take a picture from it: there's nailpolish on the fingernails on the plastic hand !

What level of detail did Bally / Williams back then to their pinball machines ? They did not just mold a plastic hand but even have someone put nailpolish on it to make it look more realistic ? While it only comes out of the box for a few seconds, and it's all the way in the back of the playfield so most players wouldn't notice this anyway ?
A pinball manufacturer nowadays would probably take a flat plastic and put a crappy photo of a hand over it..

And as over 20.000 Addams Family pinball machines have been produced - someone had to put nailpolish on over a 100.000 plastic fingernails ?! Can you just imagine this person coming home from work ?
- 'Hi honey, how was your day ?'
- 'Not bad, put nailpolish on 100.000 plastic fingers.'

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