Sunday, July 17, 2011

LITZ baby !

Played TZ again tonight. Had a few bad games - although bad - same as usualy, drain, drain, good ball, drain, make mistake and drain I finally got a bit more into it.

Some drains you can't do anything about, the ball leaves the popbumpers in the wrong direction and is soo fast it drains before you notice.
Peter of gamebunker also blogged about my TZ and how it's almost impossible to play.

Half of the drains are my own mistake. TZ is not a forgiving game. Every shot must count and be where you want it to be. Miss a shot, the ball will bounce somewhere and drain. Let the ball bounce around out of control, and it'll find its way to the outlanes. So you need ball controll all the time and aim and not miss.

Finally I got a good game ! Lit all door panels and was able to start Lost in the Zone (LITZ). Unfortunately I drained during this multiball - have to adjust the tilt because it just is too sensitive. But I finally put my initials in - grand champion with 909 million. I'm happy!

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