Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm talking Tina, and here is your extra ball

One of the legs of my TZ wasn't fixed like it should - the screws were worn out and had bolts at the inside. Still there was a little bit of room - which probably caused my tilt during litz a few days ago.
Bought last week some leg plates and new bolts so tonight I installed them.
Noticed too the front wasn't completely level (one leg touched the ground a little bit earlier than the other when you put the game down, and the cabinet twisted a bit).
The game also wasn't setup very steep, leg levellers were out quite a bit.

I just adjusted the one leg so both front legs are level, nothing more. It was less than half a cm (probably 3mm) out, only took me 2 or 3 turns of the leveller.

The game suddenly plays a lot better. It's less agressive (less drains to the outlanes). I also put it to default 5-ball settings (which enabled extra balls).
Played two games, one of 250 million and one of 595 million. Not bad.
I hope the frustrating less than 100 million games are gone now.

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