Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Help needed with Topwin6 / TOP2008 programmer

I used to burn eproms using my TOP2008 programmer that I had bought years ago on aliexpress.
The only problem with this version is that the software only worked on windows XP..

Not really an issue as on my old laptop I had windows7 and that had an option to run XP too.
But then it upgraded automatically to windows10 and XP was removed as virtual machine..
That was a few years ago but I didn't need my programmer.

Now I want to use it again.. but I can't get it running. I now have a new laptop (windows10 also).
I tried installing XP in a virtual machine but it doesn't recognise the USB - vm says the device is busy/invalid and can't connect it to the virtual machine..

I can't be alone, can I ?
Are there other users of the TOPWIN software, or users that have a TOP2008 (or even older TOP853 or the most recent TOP3000 and TOP3100 ?) for whom the software does not work under windows 10 / 64 bit ?

The programmer is really good it handles even older eprom types and has functionality to test/ verify certain ics..
I really want to start using it again..

Please let me know and comment..

Edit: found a version and install instructions for topwin8 but it seems that only works for recent programmers and not for the top2008..
Edit2: got it working on 32 bit Vista. Will write an article with more information about it later.

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