Sunday, February 13, 2011

photos of this week


39/ bottle Zonderik I got as a gift, don't know (yet) how it tastes, heard it's a bit like Baileys ? anyway it's a nice subject to shoot. similar setup to the guinness glass, flash with softbox at 45degree down on the bottle, left and right white bounce cards

chinese newyear dragons

40/ one from the chinese newyear

geile fles

41/ wine bottle.. the name catched my attention as in dutch (and german I believe) it means something.. I wonder how you feel after drinking these bottles :-)
and yes I still have such a childish sense of humor :-)


42/ yellow ducks, 3 in a row


43/ test to see how the water reflects


44/ duck with moving water, test to see if waves in the water show up nice
(not really, it's not the result I was looking for)


45/ bought a new glove
strobe on the very right so you can see its texture (and the background goes black)


46/ picture of the day - a crouton
maya was eating some of these and found this double one and told me to take a picture, so I did



47/ playing with maya - she was playing with her garage but wanted a city and streets, so we extended it with some lego streets and then made a city out of paper

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