Friday, February 4, 2011

Guinness time

Guinness can

32/ Can of Guinness.
Strobe right above. Top lid is a bit too much lit.
No bounce cards used, tested with them and their reflection was too big.
In all these pictures I made the background dark in post-processing, in this picture the lightgrey at the bottom of the can could be a bit more subtle..


33/ Glass of Guinness

Took some testing to get a position where the flash illuminates the glass and beer, but doesn't reflect back to the camera.


34/ Now it's ready to drink..
wanted to test with something black on a black background..
setup is same as pravious picture, only flash was moved backwards


35/ Turned the glass around so the logo is visible.
Color-wise the cream on top here looks the most realistic, however for some reason I find the previous picture more interesting.. the white reflection boards used in the previous photo were replaced here by white cardboard strips, therefor the sides aren't as bright as in the previous picture..

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