Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Seagate NAS 110 and windows 10

Something non-pinball related now.

Since a few years I have a seagate NAS 110 that I use as backup.
I don't backup often (shame on me...) so it was a long time since I connected to the network (it's usually powered off unless when I need to use it.

Anyway my laptop had upgraded to windows 10 recently. It was the first time that I tried to to the NAS frmo it, and it didn't work.

I could browse to and login in to the status screen. View and change settings was working ok. But I couldn't access the shares on the drive. Not by http, not from the filesystem (just got an error that I didn't have permission).
The weirdest thing was that the included BlackArmor software could just detect the drive (so I know what IP address it's on), but when I used the 'view drive details' button, it didn't work.

So I was thinking about network security, firewalls, compatibility modes, ...
In the end it's easier than this. Instead of starting the windows 10 laptop with my @hotmail account, I need to access it with a local account. Then the 'view drive details' button in the BlackArmor software goes to the next screen and shows all drives and allows me to map them.

I've wasted a few hours on this, hope it helps someone else..

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