Monday, May 14, 2012

RIP Leon Borré

Can't find the words to describe how sad I am. Leon Borré of passed away this weekend.

Probably everyone in the pinball community knows him or has at least heard of him or his work. He was always happy with a positive attitude towards life, always making the best of it. It was always a pleasure seeing him at a show. He was very helpful and put many hours in helping everyone that emailed him, came to his house for repairs, ..
Since a few years we knew this day would come but tried not to think about it..

I remember the first day I came to his house with a broken Lectronamo cpu to repair. Was amazed by his collection of machines, his knowledge and ingenuity.
He taught me the basics of pinball repair, I explained him about homepages and translated the first articles he put online.

Just a few months ago I had to repair a Bally solenoid driver board and took out test-pcb I had made back then, like he had described on his site. Was amazed by the date I had printed the documentation about it - back in 2000.
12 years have passed so fast.

RIP Leon, thanks for all you have done and the good memories.
We miss you.


  1. Nice post, honouring Leon like this.


  2. I had many interesting technical exchanges with him, and will definitely remember him well. Leon was an example for all of us. Edward Cheung (

  3. the leon software that aids the Williams cpu's helped and continues to help me isolate falts for countless customers