Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grand Champion on Theatre of Magic

Visited someone yesterday evening to pick up some parts.. played a few games on his pinball machines, talked a bit, ..  I haven't played Theatre in a long time and I don't consider myself to be a very good player (just average), so I was amazed myself by how well I played.
I like Theatre of Magic a lot - I love all John Popaduik games. This machine was playing very well, you could loop the centre ramp over and over, the flow in this game was unbelieveable. And that's the type of game I like - no stress, no worrying about the rules and what shot to make next - just letting the pinball roll around the playfield over and over, letting the shots come naturally. In the end I noticed I got quite far, the clock was at 10.. so then I only started to concentrate on adding a few hours.

I think it was only the third time ever that I've reached the wizard mode on Theatre (Grand Finale), and even got it whilst Tiger Multiball was running (have no idea of the game was a bit confused because of this).
Anyway, final score on 5 balls (and got 2 extra which I lost very soon) was over 3.5 bill..

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