Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flat IJ

Went to look at an IJ with flipper problems, the coils got very hot and weak.
Another known repair person had already tried to help the owner by email, but when he contacted me, he suspected the problem to be on the fliptronics board and the owner couldn't test this himself.

Went over there, put the game into switch test, pushed the flipper button, noticed the switch didn't nicely stay on but switch on/off rapidly.
Cleaned all the optos inside the cabinet near the flipper switches, and the problem was solved.

Not really a type of problem that a repair person has to do a house-call, probably this could've been done by email too.

What could not be found by email was the other problem on this game.
Played a testgame, noticed the ball got stuck on the top of the droptarget in front of the captive ball. OK remembered I had to adjust this (there's a screw at the bottom of this target to adjust its height).
When multiball started, the ball also got stuck on the edge of the lock plastic, it made the sound twice before the ball rolled out. Asked the owner about this, he said the game always did this..
And then I noticed when a ball got out of the popbumpers, it really rolled very SLOOOOOOOOOOW back towards the bumpers.

I look under the game and what do it see ?! This game is levelled incorrectly.
The owner had this game for three years, and probably switched the front and back legs when installing the game. There wasn't much difference between them (it's not that the playfield sloped down to the back), but the front leg levellers where more turned out then the back.
Adjusted this, and the game played suddenly a lot faster !
(don't know if the owner likes it now :-)

It's not the first time I see this - I know another pinball machine owner that writes on the legs where they go - so LF, RF for left front, right front, ..
same legs goes on same place, seems easier than to level the game himself..
While that's not difficult to do, I wrote an article about how to level a pinball machine.

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