Tuesday, March 15, 2011

more photos


65/ toy cube
Played together with Maya with these clikx blocks.. What you don't see in this picture that there are a lot of cubes inside. We first started with a small cube, 1 piece on each side. Maya could make these easily. They I tought here how to make larger cubes, so we made a 2x2 cube and put the 1x1 inside. Then a 3x3. A 4x4.. and finally this 5x5 cube with all the smaller cubes inside.


66/ ugly frog.. I had opened the back and front doors of my gameroom and when I entered the room again a few minutes later, this little fellow was in the middle of it. He had entered through the back and was on its way to the front to our garden..
You'd be a surprised to find such a large frog in a garden in the middle of a city, but the back neighbours have a pond and probably that's where he came from. It's not the first time I see a frog in our garden, a few years ago there was also one behind the gamroom, but it's the first time it was this big..
I put him back outside on the small roof behind my gameroom, took some pictures of him and then put him gently over the wall into the other garden. Don't want him in my gameroom (he couldn't get out when the doors are closed) and I think that my cats meeting would also not be the best scenario. (although I remember from the last time they were just curious and a bit scared, they looked closely at it but didn't dare to touch it)


67/ wacko and a dead bird..
This is one of our cats, Wacko. Being large and fat hasn't stopped him from killing a bird :( I'm not sure he caught it, I only saw him play with it.
It's possible one of the other cats captured it first. And I'm not convinced of that either, as they're all getting old and even don't climb on the wall or enter our neighbours gardens. So it's not that they will have taken it out of a nest in a tree. It's also possible this bird just got a heart attack when flying over our garden, or it was one of the neighbours cats.. and if the bird really was crazy enough to actually land in a garden with three cats in it, and not fly away then they got close, well then it was ready for a darwin award..


68/ mango pit
Ate two mangos for lunch today. This is one of the pits, I've planted it.
Last year I had also planted a mango pit which had grown to a plant of about 10cm high, but unfortunately the rabbits we had then ate most of it :(
The rabbits are now gone, so now I can try again to grow a mango tree..


69/ Mali
This is Mali, one of our black cats.


70/ Boki.
This is Boki, our other black cat. They're sisters. You probably can't tell very well in the picture, but she's much thinner than Mali. Mali used to be the thin one, but since a year or 3 she started to get fat and Boki got skinny.
I don't have many nice pictures of our cats so now I finally made a few.
Next time I'll try to comb their hair..


71/ dutch windmill
Windmill in Retranchement, Netherlands. Windmill guy was just preparing it.


72/ beach
Trying to make water float uphill.. the kids were bored after 5 minutes playing with the sand castle, the adults only after an hour..


73/ big waves coming in.. the tide was rising, love how you see their shape against the breakers.

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