Monday, December 20, 2010

Nikon D90 CHA error

My Nikon D90 camera started to give problems a few weeks ago.
After taking a few pictures it just blocked, showing CHA and ERR on the top display.

The camera completely froze, the only way to get it working again was taking out the battery. I first thought it was some compatibility problem with my Metz flash (as it started to occer when I used my flash more often), but after taking a series of pictures without flash it was obvious this was not the culprit.

The CHA error means there is a problem with the SD memory card.
I luckily have a spare 4gb card, put that one in, and since then I haven't seen the error come back.

Dont know how my 8gb memory card became bad..
I usually format it in my camera (which does it very quick), have now formatted it too on the computer (which took a bit longer, so maybe it was more thorough).
When I have some time I'll put that memory card back in and see if the error comes back..

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