Thursday, November 18, 2010

sometimes it is just a fuse..

Got a mail from someone who lived nearby who has a Strikes and Spares.
The machine didn't start anymore, but he said it probably was just a fuse because two were missing. One had been removed by a previous repair guy and never returned, the other the owner had taken out to take to the shop and buy a new one, but he'd lost it instead.

So I'm loading the car with lots of things.. I like to take lots of parts so I don't need to make a return trip because I don't have a trivial part with me.
When a fuse blows there's a reason for it. So I'm guessing if the game doesn't work and a fuse had blown, there's probably a coil melted (so I bring a few), a shorted transistor, and probably also some cpu battery damage (so I take a remote battery holder and most of the ic's that are on the cpu board). And a big box of lamps and rubbers because most old pinball machines can use a new rubber set.

Arrived at the house, we go to the basement.. game is in nice shape, owner bought a about a year ago, probably from a pinball collector. Game had been rubbered and cleaned before. No battery damage and a capacitor has been installed. 2 fuses are missing. So I put new fuses in (correct amperage), and the game boots.
I play 2 games, everything seems to work fine, fuse doesn't blow, all coils, lamps and switches work, ..
Sometimes it's only a fuse..

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