Thursday, August 19, 2010

remote battery holders

I've started again to make remote battery holders. Easy plug-in type, no soldering or other technical knowledge is required. 8 euro each.

Protect your expensive game from damage because of a leaked battery !

Many people don't know this but every electronic pinball machine has some kind of battery in them. Because of age (as the batteries have never been replaced) but also because of a malfunction, they will start to leak and do irrepairable damage to your mpu board (making your game break down - and it may be an expensive repair to get the game working again). Usually when your pinball machine does not start up anymore it is way too late already to repair it..

The last months I've seen more and more games with leaked batteries.. so be careful.
Until a few years ago I didn't see battery damage a lot. When I saw it, it was usually because of a bad battery or technical malfunction, and only 1 had started to leak (sometimes only a few months after it was brand new installed).

As most WPC games are not getting 15 to 20 years old, those batteries installed from the factories all have had their best time and start to leak. All three batteries leak, first only the battery holder had some corrosion on the contacts, but if you're not quick to detect and repair this, the damage will spread to the ics on the cpu board itself.

So if you have a Bally / Williams game with a dmd (or older 80ies game), replace the batteries and install a remote battery holder to prevent a costly repair in the future !

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