Wednesday, June 23, 2010

how to open and repair a Tomtom One gps

Our TomTom One GPS broke yesterday.. still worked but because it fell down too much onto the dashboard of the car, the usb-slot just broke off. So I could now charge my gps anymore.

as you can see the usb slot is just gone, there's a hole ?!

The Tomtom One case is secured with hx8 screws. They are star-shaped.
Luckily they are no problem for me to open, a few years ago I bought a set with all types of tamper-proof bits :) It has saved me a few times already and paid back itself because of all the things I was able to fix with it.

The plastic parts click into eachother. Even with the screws removed, they will not come apart. Put a sharp knife between them. Apply some pressure and they come apart.

Now you can open the case. You see the metal part that broke off from the pcb board.

As you can see I also disconnected the wire that comes from the battery.
The GPS unit is powered all the time (and in standby), I really do not like to solder on pcb boards that have power on them. So to be sure I disconnected it.

Soldered the usb thing back in place. It is held in place by 4 small tabs that needed soldering. The data and power is transfered by very small connections that also broke off. Checked the mini -b usb specifics at wikipedia, power and ground are the outer 2 pins of the 5. So I soldered these two (don't need data as it was difficult to solder with my soldering iron and I don't connect the gps to my pc).

Assembled the Tomtom again, tested it and the gps unit started up correct (and charges) ! I've repaired my TomTom One gps ! :-)

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