Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flooded Fire

We bought another game this week.. this time it's a special project.

It's a Williams Fire. Problem with it is that it's been in a flooded basement.
The water came just up to the bottom of the backbox.
The playfield is covered with mud, some assemblies are rusted, ..
It doesn't look very good, but the electronics are still fine, so probably this game will still power up without any problem.. The playfield itself is totally covered with mylar so the paint and artwork doesn't look to have had any water damage. Most damage is to the assemblies at the bottom of the playfield which need a very thorough cleaning. But as some people take coils and wire looms into a shower to clean them, these parts can be cleaned without any bad long-term effects.

We're not sure yet if we'll clean and restore the game or just part it out..
it'll be a lot of work..

Pictures are posted on facebook, search for the page of
You really have to see the pictures to get an idea how bad it looks..

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