Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fireball is in the house !

I have a Bally Fireball pinball machine !! (again)

I'm happy :-)
This game was on my wish list for a long time.

I found a project machine for a good price. But it is a serious project.
No backglass or legs. The seller said it was in a garden shed for a while, which can be seen.. rubber rings became brittle and some even melted ! Cabinet is also faded, the blue looks a lot lighter than I remember from other Fireballs.
The good news is that all plastics are ok. Playfield is reasonable, some paint starts to flake off at the bottom, but not much more than I saw on another Fireball.

This is the fourth time I have a Fireball in my house and I hope this one will be a keeper.. that'll probably depend if I find time to repair it or if it'll still be in a corner in the gameroom in a few year from now..

First Fireball I bought was years ago, but it had a broken backglass and didn't play well. I didn't know anything about e-m's, couldn't fix it and I sold it to someone who did have a spare backglass.

Second Fireball wasn't mine, a friend had found one for sale for $100 in my town, so I picked it up for him.

Third Fireball was 2 years ago, but also wasn't really my game. Got it from a friend and I could buy it if I wanted, but the game was also not working and the playfield had a bit too much wear for what I was looking for and considering his price. So after a few weeks he took the game back..