Friday, April 13, 2007

Screen printing

Worked yesterday further on my 'secret' article. Almost done now !
I think I will put it online this weekend and if I get new information I'll just update it.

I've added something important: the difference between process and spot screenprinting.
I knew about it before but didn't really research it. Now I did and it's more important than I first thought..
so a quarter of the article completely changed, some new interesting historic details were added, some new pictures, ..

My domain name exists for 3 years now, so that article is a nice present to myself :)
The content btw is much older, I think I already started in 2000 or 2001 on my personal webspace with the 'newbie pages to pinball' (now renamed to pinball basics).

Something completely different but also pinball-related if it has to be, our fridge came back from the painter yesterday. It looks cool, identical color of the new kitchen cabinets.
The painter said he also has once clearcoated a pinball playfield and it costs about 75 euro to do. Interesting to know !!
I still have a Bally Eight Ball (with The Fonz on the backglass) in almost perfect condition, so when I restore that game it's a good candidate to have the playfield clearcoated.

Still haven't had time to set up the new Whirlwind. The gameroom is in the winter also being used as storage room. First have to take out our bicycles, get rid of the empty cabinet of a Williams JokerZ I parted, and then I can set it up. Can't wait to play it.. but I have to as other things have priority.

The good news is yesterday a set of SafeCracker antiqued tokens arrived. I ordered them last week from Got them in a week, that's pretty fast.
They really look great.
The bad news is that one of them is wrong !!
Instead of the Getaway truck token that was antiqued in the original set (shows a truck in 3D), the Armor Truck token has been antiqued (shows a truck from the side). This Armor Truck token was not antiqued originally..